Pictures Don’t Always Represent the Truth

(the following post may result in some anxiety to build up even if you aren’t going through it too 🤷🏼‍♀️ )

⛔️ This picture is not the picture that would show this grown woman having had a breakdown just a couple hours ago. The picture you didn’t get to see was that of a woman overwhelmed with daily life, albeit grateful for everything regardless of the stress. Stress including working from home while 3 kids are e-learning, constantly looking at assignments that may be missing and providing excel spreadsheets to help them get focused, to chatting with teachers via email, handing down consequences for kids who don’t do schoolwork, discipline and refereeing between kids, answering or denying spam calls, work zoom calls, cleaning up after a dog that’s either vomiting or pooping over something he shouldn’t have eaten but found and ate it anyway, to finding scratch marks in random places from my cat oh and let’s not forget my own cooking/cleaning after making sure kid chores are done.

If anything this pandemic has taught me is that everything I’ve been experiencing is all about personal growth. 49 and still learning baby. Still learning. Learning that SELFCARE is 💯 necessary!

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