Thank You

If you read this and the shoe fits then it’s for you

To those who couldn’t love me
To those who wouldn’t love me
To those who didn’t appreciate me
To those who spoke poorly of me
To those who lied about me
To those jealous of me
To those who used me
To those who stole from me
To those who befriended conditionally
To those who drew me close to only push me away
I knew all along what your intentions were
I saw it in your eyes
I heard it in your voice
I saw the pictures that captured the look on your face you hoped no one saw
I’ve deleted them
I reread the emotionally empty texts
I’ve deleted them
You’ve turned people against me
Thank you, I’ve deleted them all
I’ve recalled countless double edge sword conversations
I’ve deleted them too
I know how much you’ve lied about me
My God knows the truth
You won the academy award 👏
You meant to harm me, but I have risen above.
You lied in every way, but my guardian angels watched over me, protected me

You leaving my life did not detain me
You simply awakened me to my value
You made it easier for me to recognize falsehood

You taught me not to trust blindly

You taught me to open my eyes

So thank you…I am now truly free and wiser.


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