Pictures Don’t Always Represent the Truth

TRIGGER ⚠️ WARNING(the following post may result in some anxiety to build up even if you aren’t going through it too 🤷🏼‍♀️ ) ⛔️ This picture is not the picture that would show this grown woman having had a breakdown just a couple hours ago. The picture you didn’t get to see was that of... Continue Reading →

Yo Aquí, Tú Allá

Yo aquí y tú allá. Pero tengo fe que un día nos encontraremos y todo se unirá como si jamás hubo distancia. Dios sabe quien eres y aún más me preparará para ser tu media naranja -- esa mujer que se asegurará que nunca te falte ese sabor que tus labios anhelan. Yo no se quien... Continue Reading →

Winging Parenting

Parenting...the ever eluding masters degree. Parenting is not a skill that can be fully honed via reading books or blogs or listening to your parents about parenting. I am literally parenting by the seat of my pants. Winging it like I did with Algebra class. Close my eyes and point to an answer and hope... Continue Reading →

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