The One, The Soulmate

Most people I know have that certain someone that no matter how many people you date, or how many times you get married, there is that one that holds your heart. “The one that got away,” they say. The one that was a missed opportunity. The one your soul longs for and no matter how many years pass, every conversation, no matter how far apart or few, it’s like you never stopped talking. It doesn’t matter how far away they live, or what oaths either of you take, you still have a soul tie to each other. That feeling that no matter what you do, there is a void. That void only gets filled when you have thoughts of them, even if their physical state isn’t present, their spiritual presence is always with you. It feels like they are literally a part of you. Like nothing makes sense without them. That is your soulmate—or soul partner. Time and life circumstances keep you physically apart, but never in your heart.

Soulmates are two souls that agreed to be partnered up in this life for a lifetime. Intuition plays a huge part here because not all love is soul partner level love or connection.

Often times it feels more like, “I’ve been waiting to meet this person my entire life!” Or “feels like I’ve known this person forever, like we have met before.” That feeling of home with someone, like there was some other life already lived with this person.

Did you know that a soulmate may not always be a romantic partner? it could also be a friend or even a family member. A soulmate will always challenge you beyond what would ever challenge yourself. A soulmate is your energetic match that brings you to the mirror to look at yourself with a microscope. This person can bring out the best and the worst, but the worst would only serve to grow you not injure you. They help you awaken and explore the different parts of yourself, including those parts you were not even aware of or you had made a habit to shy away from.

So tell me, have you met your soulmate?


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