Worth is Not Taught, It is Learned

One thing I learned from when I was raised is to put your kids first: their needs, their birthdays, their Christmas, their tears, their hurt, their struggles, their pain, their disappointment, their successes, their needs, their lives are here because WE brought THEM into this world. When kids are your priority, they learn they are... Continue Reading →

Saber, No Saber

Por ser haré Por estar hará Por tener sacrificaré Por llegar irá No se sabe cuando No se sabe donde Pero no saber es saber El ingenuo se pasa por ingenuo Tal vez son así Tal vez porque es su consuelo El alcance de la sabiduría es posible Pero el temor es real Los fallos... Continue Reading →

Por Fin, Adiós

Duele doler y no saber si el amor que hubo fue verdadero Debo realizar que los cuentos son para los niños, Y no creer leyendas cultivadas en tu obscuridad Que poco de poco, poco hombre fuistes, eres y siempre serás Aun, pasan los años, escuchando tus cuentas por contar Fue solo mi tiempo gastar Si... Continue Reading →

Que tal

Que tal hubieramos dado todo Qué tal hubiéramos entregado todo ¿En vez de orgullo o duda? Tu sonrisa decía tanto sin tener que dirigir una palabra Tu mirada dibujaba tus deseos con solo pestañear Tu voz endulzaba mi día, me elevaba a otro nivel Los años pasan y todo sigue igual El piso se mueve... Continue Reading →

Her Disguise is Strength

You know her. She's strong and beautiful and crushes every goal. She is smart, accomplished, funny and seems to have it all together. She's educated, wise, practical and even with all her practicality she is spontaneous, creative and fun. She is the one that walks into a room and owns it. Everyone knows her, loves... Continue Reading →

Moms are human?

Moms aren’t perfect, we make mistakes like everyone else Moms aren’t always patient, we can snap under stress like anyone else Moms aren’t superwomen, we are fragile like anyone else Moms aren’t indestructible, we can crumble under the wrong choice of words spoken to us Moms aren’t made of endless strength, we get tired and... Continue Reading →


Loneliness is more than a feeling It is a state of being Loneliness is more than a time and space It is trying to remember when was that last embrace? Loneliness is like drowning in your own skin while others watch from a distance. It is the enemy of joy and the cheater of peace.... Continue Reading →

Parenting and Desperation

What do you do when you don't know how to help your child? What do you do when you don't know who else to talk to? Where do you go when you don't know where to go? How can you understand a child who doesn't understand himself? Being a parent is the most difficult job... Continue Reading →

Perfection Is Not Reality

The idea of perfection comes from where? Does it come from the movies we grew up with? Cinderella married the prince, but was he perfect or did Disney make it seem like he was? Did it come from our parents and their valiant efforts to not show us their imperfections? Did it come from the... Continue Reading →

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