51 Years Young

It’s Tuesday. I COULD go dancing but I’m so enjoying just sitting here and relishing in everything I’ve accomplished these past few years. Not just material or career accomplishments but rather personal. My growth as a woman has been leaps and bounds in just 2.5 years. I am 51 and I understand now when people would tell me, “you’ll never stop learning and growing.” I believe it now!

Honestly, it’s hard to believe I’m already 51. The white hair sprouting from my roots don’t lie. Everyday seems to go by so quickly now. Although I never thought I’d be single at 51, I have to say it was probably the biggest blessing ever. Being single has allowed me to take the time to just love being with myself. Giving myself the space and time to get to know myself deeply has done amazing things for my spirit. I appreciate myself more than ever and I have finally been able to restore my mind onto thoughts and beliefs of higher esteem. I have become comfortable in my own skin again. No makeup or fancy anything needed anymore for comfort. No hiding my imperfections or killing myself to impress anyone else. I finally have joy.

What have I done to get to this place of joy with myself?

👑 I have spent ample time alone to not only recognize my worth, but to also embrace it.

🕰 I’ve taken the time to take an internal inventory to heal old wounds.

🪑 🪞 I’ve written down not only my strengths but also my weaknesses and flaws. Not an easy task by any means trust me.

🌹I have finally changed the habit of always going going going to “just being” more often. The constant “on the go” was a trauma response to avoid dealing with emotional/mental stress.

💥 I will never again settle for a relationship unless the feast I bring to the table can be matched.

🛑 I will never again fall for the love bombing and unrealistic promises.

✋ I will never again be in any kind of relationship (friendship, family or love) where I feel the other person is trying to compete with me. A relationship should never be a competition, it should be an alliance.

👎🏼 I won’t ever again “be less” so that the other person is not intimidated by me. Being intimidated by me is not a “me” problem it is a them problem.

Friends, I share these things so you don’t waste 20 or 30 years of your life trying to figure all this out. I send you love and strength because life is a challenge! You are worthy of so much more than other people have made you feel! 💕

51 and finally happy and free

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