My Boy – Had I Known

My beautiful little boy. 7 years old here and now thinking back I can now see the changes in you that were happening and all your challenges coming to the surface. Had I known then what I know now my love, I would have done so much more for you. The sorrow in your face and all the confusion going on in your mind and we as your parents didn’t know or understand. May God give us the grace to do everything possible for you going forward.

He will be 14 next month and has a bright future ahead. He is brilliant and funny and loving and strong. I already see his future brightly lit and I tell him often to affirm him.

Children who struggle with unregulated emotions don’t know it themselves. It is a developmental delay that begins in the womb. Medication, patience, guidance, compromise, education and attention brings growth and maturation which requires time and love. Is it hard? Hell yes! Do I fail sometimes? Yes sadly. Is he worthy for me to try harder everyday? Yes yes yes.

Mama loves you to the moon and back.

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