The Sweat of My Brow

The sweat of my brow can indicate many different things.

That fear has crossed the threshold causing a fight or flight reaction

That nervousness has taken ahold of my internal barometer

That external temperatures have set off perspiration

But my favourite is the overpowering feelings I get when you walk in the room. The butterflies that begin to flutter within that increase my internal temperature. I think to myself, “How can his presence alone have this effect on me?”  As you walk towards me, I instantly feel the moisture begin to escape all over my body in its tiniest form: at my hairline, between my breasts, and down my lower back. Because with each step you take, I know your hands are waiting and my body is longing. When you enter my space, you reach for my hand, draw me close to you and you…kiss me. The taste of your lower lip consumes every sensation in my body and I feel the sweat slowly descend my spine. The heat rising up within me is screaming to be cooled down and my body responds. As you taste my my lips, you begin to understand the reaction you cause, so you take it up a notch…

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