A Woman’s Mystery

Discovering a woman’s mystery is a man’s greatest conquest but when a woman discovers her mystery…it is the greatest gift to herself.


Yes ladies, we are mysterious and often times we are a mystery to ourselves. We are in a constant flux of learning about ourselves. We are capable of understanding ourselves, healing and improving ourselves. But all too often, we are afraid of what we will discover. We are afraid of facing ourselves because we see that as a challenge. A challenge to own who we are, where we come from, what we are suffering, and/or the fear that we are incapable to overcome a trauma. And I must also mention the challenge of facing our contribution to failed relationships.

Discovering ourselves can be scary and intimidating. I know because I have journeyed the dark alleys with my own self-discovery, and I definitely did not like everything I have learned about myself. Coming face to face with my mistakes was indeed hard to swallow. You see, we women are prideful too, even with ourselves. Looking in the mirror to admit a fault or failure in a situation can be disheartening or draining, right? But know this, there is solace in coming to grips with all of that. We long for so many things, but because we are not handed a manual to life and all of its complexities, it is through trial and error that we get a grip on who we are and what we want and need such as Love. It is part of the human condition to desire love, but if we don’t understand, accept, and know ourselves, how can we attract the kind of long lasting love we were created to have? Take the time to discover yourself. Accept who you are, who you’ve been, what changes you need to make, how far you’ve come, set some personal goals for yourself, and invest in yourself before looking for love. Once you have come to be at peace in knowing yourself, you will find that attracting the kind of love you desire will flow to you, instead of swimming against the current. You won’t even have to look for it.

So here is the issue that blocks the flow of love.  A man cannot discover in a woman what a woman has not yet discovered for herself. If she doesn’t know what she wants, how can he know? If a woman doesn’t have a standard for what she deserves, then how will he know? If a woman hasn’t dealt with her demons of the past, then how can he stand in the light outside of those shadows?

All this to say that the journey to self-discovery will lead to knowing your worth and what your standards will be in love and life. A woman’s worth is clearly emitted via her presence and a man can see that in her demeanor,  how she carries herself in regards to how she sees herself.

Let’s talk real talk for a second. Truth is men are visual. A man’s first impression is through what he sees. His first impression is based on a woman’s external beauty, a silhouette, a dress, her facial features, her smile, hair, physique and his breath can be quickly taken away.  Only a man that can see beyond the external beauty will pursue a woman because they find a mystery to her. He will take on the challenge of trying to discover her, to solve the mystery of her mind, her deepest desires, dreams, hopes and what makes her tick. What stops her in her tracks, her history, her pain and her passion. He will not only be drawn in by her, but he will have a desire to know why he is energetically pulled in towards her. The intrigue will be so strong that he will want to invest time, despite the uphill climb to win her heart. Unfortunately, not many men seek to put in so much effort. Many seek only a one night conquest, because in order to discover a woman’s mystery, it takes time, dedication, and love…not infatuation. Grant it, every attraction begins with infatuation – does it not? It does, but when a man finds a woman intriguing and is drawn to really get to know her, now that is like actually finding the end of a rainbow. It is rare, but it exists. So ladies trust me when I say, if you haven’t discovered, checked, recognized and accepted yourself, there is no way in the world you will be a mystery to any man.

~ Adriana Leon 4/19/2014


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  1. Definitely discovering ourselves and accepting as we are is the greatest gift we can give to ourselves. Such a motivating post. Thanks for sharing.

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